The Artist

Randy Hester is an artist Sage.

Loving the study of religion and philosophy, he has been influenced by many religious teachers.  

His art is reminiscent of the Pre-Raphaelite movement, focusing on the beauty of the human form and all of nature. 

A classical trained  painter, he continues to enjoy the art of design and painting on glass.

1971 – 73 Fairhaven College, Bellingham, Washington.
Studying religion, Art, philosophy and society, his studies took him to Greece, France and across the US.
1973-74 Evergreen State University, Olympia, Washington.
Studying philosophy, religion, and hatha yoga, Randy continued to pursue his personal art.  In January of 1975, he began a 6month individual development of  ceramic art depicting religious themes.
1975 – 77 Naropa University, Boulder, Colorado.
Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies, and Iconographic Art
1979 – 82 Painter for Sitko Stained Glass Studio, Boulder, Colorado.
1980 – 84 Proprietor, Hester Glass House
1982 – 83 Instructor in Glass  Painting Techniques
Pilchuck Glass Arts Institute (During this time he became associated with Albin Elskus, who mentored him in further glass techniques.)
1985 – 87 Director, The West Coast Academy of Glass Arts, Vancouver, B.C.
Exclusive artist for Tiffany Glass , Vancouver, B.C.
1988 – Present Sole Proprietor, Designer and Artist, Hester Glass House,
Halifax County, Nova Scotia
1990 –  Designer and Painter for Harborview Stained Glass, Hubley, Nova Scotia
1998 – Designs and Paints for Stattler Studio, La Have, Nova Scotia